Quality Surgical Management has been servicing Skilled Nursing Facilities since 1996. Leading industry advancements in Wound Care, Dr. Steven A. Magilen is the company’s founder and Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Magilen has dedicated his life’s work to the service of patients needing wound care in nursing homes and at home.

QSM treats and heals wounds by using good sound surgical judgment, timely debridement and the use of appropriate dressings saving facilities thousands of dollars by treating patients at bedside.

  • NO COST to the facility; QSM bills third-party payers.
  • Cost savings are realized by standardizing protocols.
  • QSM reduces nursing time and costs by utilizing those products on your formulary designed to be used less frequently.
  • No need for a CNA to escort a patient to a Wound Care Center.
  • Increased Physician evaluation frequency results in higher RUG levels.
  • On-site debridement avoids wound care center fees and transportation costs.
  • Estimated annual savings of over $100,000 based on 120-bed facility.
  • The QSM team implements early, aggressive and appropriate wound treatments exceeding the standard of care.
  • We meet and consult with family members and their PCP.
  • We educate your staff and can provide CEU’s.
  • QSM can perform our services at rehab, home, or in a PCP center.
  • Multi-Specialty, Interdisciplinary, wound management team focuses on quality of life and care.
  1. Our Compliance with State regulations minimizing tags on F314, F385, and F501 through our holistic approach and detailed patient documentation.
  2. We have a thorough understanding of the challenges facilities face with MDS 3.0 regarding wound care and help ensure accurate staging of wounds upon admission or re-admission from hospitals.
  1. No Long-term commitment is required by the facility. We will provide a simple Professional Services Agreement.
  2. Primary Care or Attending Physician’s order for QSM should be on the patient’s chart and then fax the order and face sheet to our office.
  3. We will obtain the required legal consent if any debridements are needed.
  4. All payer sources accepted. That’s it!